Electrical Installation and maintenance Services

We give answers to your domestic and industrial Electrical installation Project with durable and quality material with exceptional Services. We are also dealer, supplier, and group of qualify Electrical Engineers that will deliver quality Electrical Installation services, design and beautify your homes and offices as the team of our Engineer are readily available to go anywhere within and out the country for any Electrical Installation Project of your Home, Hotel, Filling Station, Offices , Plaza , Industry, and so on.

How to install lightning arrestor

This few minute  course will teach you all the required skills needed when installing the thunder arrestor on your building or any of your housing project. 
Jacob Edas
Arrestor Expert

Save Your Home

We specialize in different types of Electrical Installation Work, Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Electrical Installation, Distributor of Electrical product, Apprenticeship Training to become self-reliance in Electrical Installation Work and We also help set up their own Business in order for them to be useful for themselves and the environment they live in, Installing Generator of various sizes, Troubleshooting faulty Installation, CCTV Installation, Cable Jointing, and Termination.

Our Company also work on electrical systems and appliances in a home or residential setting. Our electricians are hired to test or fix an alarm, electrical appliances repairs and rewire existing systems. When you look for a domestic electrician, what we need to ensure is that he has the necessary qualifications and perhaps membership from a known trading association. By doing so we may be able to get great quality of services to Our client

The Industrial electricians are those who perform jobs in large industrial establishments, buildings and factories. They install, maintain, troubleshoot and repair the equipment, controls and units that utilize electricity in the industrial work environment. They are supposed to be adept and familiar with repairing robotic and computerized electrical equipment which are commonly seen and found in many industrial and manufacturing companies. They regularly check if the electrical facilities are in good working conditions to avoid any major damages that can affect the productivity of the factory.

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We are Dealer, Supplier, and Distributor of different kinds of Electrical Material and fitting such as Lighting fitting, Door lighting, LED lighting, bed-side lamp, P.V.C pipe(20mm, 25mm, etc.), trunking pipes (16/16mm, 16/25mm, 25/40mm, etc.), Nigeria wires cable of various sizes like single core cable, Twin cable, triple cable, Armoured cable of various sizes, the Flexible cable of different sizes, ceiling fan, standing fan, wall fan, varieties of the socket, and other electrical accessories they are just too numerous to mention.


Electrical Distributor

We buys noncompeting products or product lines, warehouses them, and resells them to retailers or direct to the end users or customers. Also, we provide strong manpower and support to the supplier or manufacturer's promotional efforts. We also provide a range of services (such as product information, estimates, technical support, after-sales services, credit) to their customers.


Apprentiship Training

In our Apprenticeship Training programm, we combine job training and the classroom training, wherein the workers earn while learning the skills required for performing the specialized job. Generally, Our apprenticeship training is given to the technical staff such as electricians, craftsmen and those who enroll for the training. who work under the experts of the field for a longer period. The apprenticeship training program lasts for 3-5 years until the worker becomes an expert in the field.


Benefits of Our Apprenticeship Training

Earn while learning, Gaining the real life experience, Mastering the job field, Increased Confidence, Improved productivity, Mentor support and Maximum learning

Our company is in existence in Nigeria since 2009 and was Registered by Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as JEGO ELECTRICAL ENTERPRISE till date with its headquarters in Osubi and Branch office, Okuokoko. All in Delta State, Nigeria,West Africa. Our Corporate Responsibility is an important part of our mission. To contribute meaningfully to the growth of the Electrical Industry. We continually review and improve on the modern way of Electrical Services and our efforts to reduce the risk of an electrical accident by installing a protective device that will protect our Customers


Our attractive collection of electrical material and exquisite lighting fitting of all kind are readily available. whatever the the quantity of material and quality of job you require, we will deliver to your taste, our company believe in quality material with satisfactory services, all to make your home and company look nice, enjoyable and protected. Reliability and safety is our hallmark.


Our Mision

We realize that customer needs are constantly changing and that a good customer service yesterday will not necessarily count as good customer service tomorrow.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading company in Electrical Installation work and related services. We gain our customer's interest through continuous improvement driven by integrity, innovation, and teamwork of our staff.



Our customer's satisfaction is important to us; we are dedicated to satisfying our customer by ensuring our highly trained personnel are readily available when needed.

If you are somewhere else outside Delta State, Nigeria, please send an e-mail with your address and the type of job you want us to do to support@jegobiz.ng or info@jegobiz.ng and I’ll send you invoice you can pay online.

We are running a Domeestic, Comercial and Industrial service to make sure everything is working as well as possible. If you’re interested in joining the program contact us by e-mailing your Service type to admin@jegobiz.ng.

Customers reviews

They started with the basic idea of calling people and now cell phones have an endless amount of possibilities. Since jego Team can do so many things, I stand to be their advertizer which is not a difficult task for me.
Adam Sendler
If you’re thinking of electrical service in Jego eleccttrical Enterprse and want someone to give you the details, well here I am. You’ve come to the right place. We have all heard stories of a Jego Elecctrical Team coming to rescue his customers
Mary Onome
At Jego Electrical, you’ll find all your electrical service and material needs, perfectly made just for you. When you book an appointment with the Team, they are always very prompt in their services no delay is entertain by the Company.
Mike Ebele

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