About our services, we have an overall strategic goal in our approach to Customer. This is underlined by our strong desire to always deliver exceptional customer service. Serving customers are not just about profit but also creating an enduring brand that will outlive generations.


Our Mision

We are constantly monitoring and tracking how satisfied customers are with our services. Customers remain the cornerstone of our strategy to dominate the Electrical Industry in Nigeria and beyond; compelling us to constantly seek for new and innovative ways to deliver exceptional service to all our customers daily.

Our Vision

For us to deliver exceptional customer service consistently, we deliberately make efforts to understand our customers intimately, treat them fairly and with empathy while keeping all dealings with customers highly confidential, offering them the best advice to manage any Electrical Contract matters.


We do not take lightly the need for our customers to conduct their Electrical Installation Project in a secure environment by ensuring that protective Devices are mounted in strategic places to protect the users from Damages or Shock Risk. We ensure maximum protection for our customer's Electrical Project. We also regard high-level controls that minimize losses and errors.

At Jego Electrical Enterprises; we recognize the need to be readily available for any Electrical Project, complaint and ensure its completion on request. We value our reputation as a Company [JEGO ELECTRICAL ENTERPRISE], conducting our businesses within strict regulatory guidelines in a way that protects our reputation. Integrity is a core value in all our Company ensuring that our word remains an irrevocable bond in all our work with Customer

Working hours

Monday- Thursday:8:00-18:30 Hrs
(Phone until 17:30 Hrs)
Friday - 8:00-14:00

We are here

1 Okuomogwa junction Warri
Email: info@collage.com

Call Us to Install one in your Building

Learn about the installation of a lightning arrestor, the building can be made lightning proof. Lightning arrestor typically have a high voltage and grounding terminal. High current generated due to lightning surge are diverted through the arrestor into the earth instead of through the building in its absence.