You have been hearing of Electrical Accident everywhere anytime in the world. Many property and soul have been lost due to Electrical Accident. When a man touches live conductor without insulating his or herself from the general mass of earth or any conducting material having contact with the earth, will subject himself to the risk of shock. Major causes of electrical accident are Carelessness, Ignorance, Ineffectiveness of earth continuity conductor, Skylarking or Lack of concentration.




Concentration is the key to the ssfety of life. Potable Equipment and tools are some of source of danger of Electrical Accident. Our Electrical safety personnel ensure that all employees or trainees are aware of the danger of working with Electricity, how to handle tools, equipment and materials on site for their own safety and that of others, to avoid damaging materials and equipment, encourage safe practices and promote compliance with safety regulations every day. Some method of protection such as Excess current, Shock, Fire, and Mechanical Protection are put in place during installation to ensure the safety of our Customers.



When an Electrical Engineer continually work on live Equipment and he or she became accustom to it, will give rise to unconsciousness of the Danger therein.



Accident often takes place in the industries due to Ignorance of worker. A difficult work should not be given or handle by inexperience worker in a company unless he or she is supervised by experience Man.

Skylarking or Lack of concentration

Skylarking or Lack of concentration

Some people or workers are not serious when handling certain work, they tend to play over them without realising the danger therein. Thereby exposing themselves, equipment and others to Fatal Accident.



Ineffectiveness of earth continuity conductor

Ineffectiveness of earth continuity conductor

Problem arises when cable or conductor are wrongly connected to the plug terminal. If the earth continuity conductor is not effectively connected to the general mass of the earth, this will expose anyone using that equipment to the Danger of Electric shock.


The Engineer is therefore advised to check the effectiveness of Earth Continuity Conductor always, potable Equipment and Tools with correct Voltage rating should be used always.

Excess Current Protection

In any Electrical circuit, excess current is a danger to any appliances connected to that circuit. Excess current is an abnormal current that flows in a circuit which is always higher than the rated current for any appliances that can cause fault of various form. It can be protected by means of circuit breaker or protective device which can trips off automatically when it detect excess current to save the equipment.

Protection From Electrical Shock

Any bare conductor can cause shock to anyone who touches it when his or her body is on the floor or hold any conducting material that is connected to the general mass of the earth. This can be protected by means of permanent earth system which make the protective device to trip automatically when anyone is connected to that faulty current flowing to the earth and to the supply Authority

Electrical Protective device

Any current carrying conductor making contact with the neutral or other live conductor or temporary Installation (such as unprotected cable, cables run on sharp edge, over fusing of circuit, overloading of circuit, etc. ) can cause heavy spark and if any inflammable material is closer to it, Fire will break out in the vicinity. This situation can be arrested by insulating the live conductor from the Neutral or the live conductor, all temporary Installation should be properly installed, over fused circuit should be replaced with the required fuse and the overloaded circuit should be reduced.

Control of Electrical Hazard

If you are using a tools whose insulation is impregnated with moisture on a live circuit or working on a live circuit with a bare foot, there is every tendency of Electric shock. Chemical cause great danger when using tools that are impregnated with chemicals,

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When a portable grinding machine is being use there could be flame as a result of arc from the Brush and stone. Arcing and Sparking causes flame where chemical such as petrol is present, you are therefore advise not to use such tools where danger could occur