As an Electrical Contractor, Jego Electrical Enterprise puts the safety of its electrical procedures, its clients, and their property at the top priority.

To ensure this safety, there are several steps we take as a responsible Electrical Engineering Company.



Before sending our team in the field, we ensure that they have the proper equipment they may require for the task they are being deputed for. We also ensure that the equipment is in excellent working condition.

4. Safety Protocol:

While on-site, we ensure that the safety protocol for the procedure is strictly followed. We do not tolerate any negligence.


5. Quality Material:

We make sure that the material we use in the electrical procedures, such as wires, is good quality material. It is to ensure that the electrical system will work fine and would last long.

Skylarking or Lack of concentration

6. Double-Checking:

Our team has strict instructions from us to always double-check the electrical systems’ safety before they leave the site.

It is to make sure that we are not leaving our valued clients at some risk.

Ineffectiveness of earth continuity conductor

7. Safety Guidance:

Before leaving the site, our team makes sure to provide proper safety guidance to our clients to pose no risk on themselves or their electrical devices.

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